Monday, 6 September 2010

Some of the facts that you might need to know before your business switches to a new energy supplier

This is the case as many businesses are usually spending significant amounts
on utilities bills and by taking the time to make cut-backs they can
seriously reduce their monthly outgoings and also reduce the levels of
carbon that your office is producing.

With this in mind, let's help you achieve this within your own company as
here are some tips to help you minimise your energy consumption and also a
few things you would like to know about the process of switching supplies.

Firstly, as the manager of the company you can sort out an audit of energy
consumption. An audit involves an energy specialist or energy broker
coming to your business and
assessing your energy needs and output levels. There are at least three ways
to audit your energy consumption: there is the basic, visual and
comprehensive audit. By organising one of these audits your company could
seriously reduce the amount of energy that it uses.

Visual Inspection - This type of audit is the least expensive method and it
involves arranging for a specialist energy inspector making a visit to your
office and carrying out a detailed visual inspection of electrical
equipment. With one of these audits the expert can determine when a company
is using energy inefficiently and can help you make improvements.

Basic Energy Efficiency Audit - This involves a series of tests using gauges
and measuring equipment to work out how much energy is being used in the
building. This equipment can even reveal areas of energy loss that are not
always identified, such as the energy that can be lost through heating and
reheating a room.

Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Analysis - This type of audit takes the form
of a computer analysis which can determine the various energy inputs and
outputs of a particular office building. It can then produce a print of the
results, offer you with details on possible improvements, for example how to
manage the IT energy usage and how to implement better working habits.

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