Thursday, 16 September 2010

British Gas customers to get the smart meter hard sell

Energy supplier British Gas has promised to raise customer awareness of the
benefits of installing smart meters, to ensure the success of one of the
largest technology projects taking place in the UK over the coming years.

British Gas is already committed to deploying smart meters
capable of monitoring energy
consumption in real time in a million UK homes this year, as part of £9bn
programme initiated by the previous government that aims to get the devices
into every UK home by 2020.

Our initial feedback tells us that customers find the [meters] in-home
display invaluable, because it lets them know how much theyre spending, said
Petter Allison, director of smart metering at British Gas.

Smart meters are seen as the enabling technology that will help the UK move
towards a more sustainable economy, helping householders to track their
usage and enable energy providers to alter pricing according to demand which
is necessary if unpredictable renewable sources of energy form part of the

Allison believes that the technology challenges of deploying smart meters
are relatively minor, providing that energy suppliers agree to common
standards, such as using Zigbee to provide the short-range wireless
communications within the home.

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