Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Prince Charles Backs IBM's 'Start' Green Summit

While Prince Charles makes a much-criticised train journey promoting green
living, IBM is holding a summit on the future role of technology While Prince Charles embarks on a controversial five-day tour of Britain to
promote sustainable living, IBM is working with the Prince's Start charity
to put on a summit promoting green technology.

IBM's Summit at Start is a nine-day summit covering sustainability, starting
on Wednesday at Lancaster House in London, with the Prince of Wales'
environmental Start Initiative. The summit, announced in June will discuss
technology and political issues in society, aiming to promote a sustainable

Charles' green train slammed

Prince Charles will spend the next five days travelling round the UK on the
biodiesel-fueled Royal Train - a round trip for nine people, whose cost has
raised the hackles of green campaigners.

"We admire Prince Charles's passion for the sustainability agenda," said the
Green Party. "His support for progressive projects such as cutting fuel
bills by installing solar panels is laudable. But when people are facing
cuts in public services, the idea of a private train costing £90,000 more
than ordinary first class tickets might seem a bit insensitive."

The green credentials of the train's bio-fuel were also slammed by Benny
Peiser of Liverpool John Moores University, director of the Global Warming
Policy Foundation, who pointed out that Prince Charles' carbon footprint is
100 times that of the average UK citizen, and his train's bio-fuel diverts
agricultural land away from food to growing fuel. "We have millions of
people starving around the world and bio-fuels are pushing up the price of

During the train ride, the Prince will appear at the IBM summit in London -
and IBM spokespeople gave details of the timetable at a press conference in
London as he set out on Monday.

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