Monday, 20 September 2010

AlertMe launches new features for home energy management customers

AlertMe, the consumer home energy management and connected home company, today announces even more new features for its home energy management service, available immediately.

Following the launch of the new AlertMe web interface and iphone application in July, Carbon Footprint is a new online feature that allows existing AlertMe customers to see accurately the amount of carbon dioxide their home is generating in relation to their electricity use. This means that as the user can track energy and cost saving, they can also track their reduction in CO2 emissions. The app converts kilograms (kg) of carbon into everyday metrics that everyone can understand, such as miles driven, flights taken, plastic bags used and gallons of petrol consumed, and allows consumers to see how their carbon footprint compares to the national average.

The new Time of Use feature allows the user to see how their energy use and cost is allocated across the morning, day, evening and night, even highlighting the heaviest hour. Time of Use can also help users to see unnecessary waste and cost at times when they are usually either out or asleep.

Already a partner of Google PowerMeter, AlertMe has also created a new gadget for iGoogle and introduced a new widget for Yahoo enabling Alertme users to integrate their energy management information even more easily into their homepage of choice or desktop.

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