Monday, 20 September 2010

'World power output must grow quickly to meet demand - EDF'

French nuclear power company EDF CEO Henri Proglio said on Thursday that global power generation would have to double by 2030 to meet demand fuelled by Asian economic growth.

“The number of reactors worldwide could more than double from 450 to 1 000,” he said, adding that nuclear power would play a key role in providing business electricity to new demand from developing countries.

Proglio said that China had launched the biggest nuclear development programme in history, calling for almost ten new facilities to be built each year.

China National Nuclear Corp said on Tuesday nuclear power generation in that country would increase by ten times over current levels to 70 GW by 2020.

Over 20 nuclear plants were under construction in China, and more than 20 were in the planning phase, Westinghouse Electric Company Americas president Jim Ferland said.

Urbanisation was a key driver to economic growth and demand for energy.

“In the 1950s, there were only two cities with populations of more than ten million. Over the next two decades ten megacities will cross the seven-million threshold each year,”Proglio told delegates at the World Energy Congress in Montreal.

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