Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Energy secretary aims to create 250,000 "green" jobs in the UK

This week on the blog I wrote about how EDF Energy are planning to build
four new nuclear power stations in the UK, which would create electricity
and thousands of trades jobs. Now Energy secretary Chris Huhne has announced
that he plans to create 250,000 "green jobs" for retrofitting homes to make
them more energy efficient.

Under the government's Green Deal, which is set to introduced by the end of
2010, 26 million homes across the UK would be modernised to make them more
energy efficient. Private companies would pay for the insulation of the
houses and then the home-owners would pay them back from the energy savings
that result from the retrofittings.

Huhne has said the Green Deal will be a "revelation" and although the plans
are ambitious, it would help to get Britain ready for a low-carbon future.
He said:


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