Monday, 27 September 2010

Costs and improved performance with LED street lights

Strategies to improve street lighting and reduce costs Streetlights are a major expense head for all utilities. Cost of installing
poles, light fixtures, replacement bulbs, and maintenance and replacement
charges can at times be more than what a utility can handle. Coupled with
the high costs are the demand of excellent customer service and ensuring
public safety. Utilities also carry the responsibility of reducing their
carbon footprint and adopting sustainable products and practices in the
long-term interest of their citizens. Not surprisingly, utilities are coming
up with innovative solutions to tackle these challenges. Smart municipal councils and utility companies show the way What is common between Menasha in Wisconsin and Surrey in UK? Both are
harnessing LED street lights to improve street lighting quality and generate
savings for their respective municipalities. Estimates suggest that Menasha
will save $ 60,000 annually resulting in a payback time of less than three
years. Los Angeles and Ann arbor are also on track to harness the benefits
of commercial LED lighting. Read more:

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