Monday, 6 September 2010

Pros and Cons of LED Lighting

LED lighting has become an increasingly popular choice in lighting design.
It has a number of advantages, but there are a number of disadvantages as
well. In this article, I will discuss both those advantages and
disadvantages, so that you can make the decision that is right for you.

First, I will discuss the numerous advantages of LED technology in lighting
your home or workplace:

They are cool: Unlike incandescent and fluorescent lights, LED lights are
very cool. The provides a great advantage in terms of where you can place
the lights. Rather than having the lights be inches from lamp shades, you
can place them almost anywhere (which is one reason they are so popular for
Christmas Trees).

They are energy efficient: LED lights are incredibly energy efficient when
compared to incandescent bulbs, and are even more efficient than most
fluorescent bulbs. Paradoxically, this is because they are so cool. Most of
the energy in an incandescent light bulb is simply wasted as heat. On the
other hand, LEDs don't produce much heat and therefore produce more light
per watt.

They have a range of colors: Most incandescent bulbs are actually pink,
while fluorescent bulbs are light green. There really isn't much you can do
to change the color of the light source. You can block off part of it, but
the source remains the same. On the other hand, LED lights have different
colors right at the source. Therefore, if you want to be more playful with
your color choice, they are a good option.

Next, I will discuss the disadvantages:

They are dim: At the end of the day, this is the main problem with
Commercial LED lights. They are very
dim, which is why they are usually used for decoration and nothing else.
Even an LED flashlight will typically include about 10 LED tubes just to get
the power of a flashlight. To have an entire lamp made of LEDs would be very

They aren't compatible: LED bulbs just aren't compatible with anything.
There really aren't lamps designed for them, nor are there any other sorts
of lighting fixtures. As a result, even if you bought a number of them,
there would be nowhere to put them.


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