Friday, 3 September 2010

Feed-in tariff installations double during August

The UK feed-in tariff is going from strength to strength, according to new
government figures that suggest the number of eligible installations grew
exponentially during August.

Government data analysed by renewable energy installation specialist Ownergy
reveals that almost 4,000 installations came online, representing nearly
double the number of installations completed in July.

In total the new installations will deliver 11.28MW of renewable energy
capacity, again doubling the 5.5MW installed in July.

The figures provide further evidence that demand for the feed-in tariff is
far exceeding expectations as businesses - and in particular households -
flock to install the solar panels, wind turbines and other small-scale
renewable energy systems that qualify for the incentive.

The residential market continues to dominate the sector with 3,905
installations carried out last month, the bulk of which were deployed by
solar firms.

However, there are also signs that the market is beginning to diversify,
with 38 small-scale hydro systems installed and the first micro-combined
heat and power systems qualified under the scheme coming online.

The business sector is also increasingly alive to the opportunities
presented by the feed-in tariff, with 31 installations completed during
August providing 0.4MW of capacity.

Scott McLean, marketing director at Ownergy, said the figures provided
further evidence that the scheme is going from "strength to strength".

"It is good to see that the increases are across the board although, quite
clearly, the residential market is producing the lion's share of
installations right now," he said. "This is not a surprise given the
relative ease of the installations and the speed of decision-making that a
householder is able to make."

However, he added that the company was seeing a surge of interest from
commercial organisations and predicted that business installations were
likely to expand during the autumn as a result.

Supporters of feed-in tariffs have welcomed the high levels of interest in
the scheme, arguing that the incentives are helping to create jobs and
increase the UK's renewable energy capacity.

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  1. This just shows that more and more people are switching to alternative energy. The 25 year feed in tariff guarantee is ideal to homes and small businesses. This means that the government is pushing for natural resources to reduce carbon dependency.