Wednesday, 1 September 2010

EDF Energy customers face 2.6% price hike

Around 1.2 million customers of EDF Energy will see their fuel bills
increase by 2.6 per cent from October 1st, has said. The comparison site said the price hike will affected households in 11 of
the 14 energy regions, adding around £11 to a standard electricity tariff. Consumers with dual fuel provided by EDF can expected their annual bill to
rise from £1,159 to £1,167, it added. The energy firm has blamed increased distribution and transmission costs for
the increase in its charges. Thomas Lyon,'s energy expert, said that while wholesale prices
remain "relatively low" these additional overheads can still rise. "Over the next ten years, we expect these to play a growing role in pushing
up the cost of our household energy bills," he commented. Elsewhere, Consumer Focus said the price hike will come as a "big
disappointment" to EDF Energy customers. The organisation added that those affected by the change should shop around
to ensure they are getting the best deal on their energy.

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