Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Energy crisis as British Gas pulls out of nuclear power plans


BRITAIN faced a new energy crisis last night as BRITISH GAS bosses pulled out of plans to build four new nuclear power stations.

Owner CENTRICA said yesterday huge delays and dithering over policy meant it was too expensive to bankroll four new UK nuclear plants.

It means France’s EDF ENERGY will have to bring in a new partner — most likely a state-run Chinese developer — to help finance the biggest investment in Britain’s energy sector for decades.

EDF and Centrica struck a deal to work together four years ago. Then, EDF boasted the first new plant would be ready to help cook Christmas turkeys in 2017.

But the site, in Hinkley Point, Somerset, may not even be up by the 2020s.

Last night union bosses urged the Government to NATIONALISE nuclear development. GMB national secretary Gary Smith said: “That the UK lacks a coherent plan for nuclear power is being exposed every day that passes.”

New nuclear power stations are vital for keeping the lights on as ageing nukes, and coal-fired power plants, are taken off-line.

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