Thursday, 7 February 2013

5 Exciting Breakthroughs in Renewable Energy - Greener Ideal


. Wind Energy Competing with Coal Dollar for Dollar

Breakthroughs don’t have to be found in an isolated lab. Today, we’re finding that one of the most impressive breakthroughs in wind energy is being hashed out in the everyday world. Shockingly, the catalyst of this movement has been what many feared would be the industry’s demise: capitalism. Many would argue that it made no fiscal sense to invest in green energy when traditional means pay out so well. To the pleasant surprise of many a faithful investor, wind energy is actually becoming competitive with coal and oil. This is due to the huge number of companies and individuals who donate their own capital into these ventures. Now, they seem to be paying out.

2. HVDC Breakers Realizing Edison’s Dream

In the early twentieth century, prolific inventor Thomas Edison was locked in an energy debate that would determine the future of the energy trade. He touted Direct Current (DC) power while others believed in Alternating Current (AC). Edison ended up losing that round; his power system would require power plants to spring up every mile. However, new HVDC breakers are allowing more power to be transferred with less loss than AC. This way, energy from far off wind and solar farms can adequately transfer power into the cities and hubs of civilization.

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