Thursday, 14 February 2013

Households asked to put a wash on when it's windy


EDF Energy has teamed up with Imperial College London to trial the new idea known as “day ahead electricity alerts”.

The year-long trial aims to find out whether people are prepared to do their washing, tumble drying, and other electricity intensive tasks on windy days or at off peak times when green power is cheap and plentiful.

The 1,000 customers taking part, who already have smart meters, will be told by text message or an alert on their smart meter display when they can expect electricity prices to be cheaper.

The results will be published next year, and if the trials are successful, they could pave the way for utilities to introduce new tariffs that encourage customers to make use of electricity at times when energy is at its cheapest or demand is at lowest.

The research will show if energy companies can help customers save money on their bills.

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