Friday, 15 February 2013

The Telegraph's confusing laundry


Consumers could save money on their electricity bills by putting "a wash on when it's windy", according to a story on the front page of today's Telegraph. In a new trial, 1000 households will get alerts through text messages or their smart meters 24 hours in advance to let them know when electricity will be cheapest. But the results from the trial won't be available until next year so until then it can only be guessed how much money customers could save.

Presumably in an attempt to give readers some idea, the Telegraph quotes the Energy Savings Trust estimating "that customers can save £250 on their energy bill by using appliances differently". But this use of the figure is confusing in two ways - it has little to do with the trial the headline talks about, and the EST figure actually refers to savings from making home improvements, and not using appliances differently.

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