Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Smart Meters Fail to Save Much Energy

When smart meters first came out, people assumed that they were going to be extremely helpful for homeowners and businesses. However, it now seems that smart meters have had little impact on energy consumption. Experts say that the roll-out of these smart meters has been rushed.

The plan was for every household in the UK to be fitted with a smart meter by 2020. This was all part of the government’s master plan to help energy efficiency. So far, these smart meters have cost a lot of money, but have done very little to control energy consumption. In the end, experts say that these smart meters will cost around £11.3 billion.

This news was brought to light by a study. According to reports, this study actually took place over a 12-month period. During this time, experts watched thousands of families who were using smart meters. In the end, the study found that these smart meters had a very little impact on energy consumption.

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