Monday, 26 September 2011

Chris Huhne? He's full of hot air

The other day, I popped into an energy shop. I needed three bags of electricity and a punnet of gas. Then, because I'm an eco kind of girl, I picked up a bottle of wind as well.

Came to 12 quid! Can you believe it? I dumped the lot on the floor in a huff and went to Tesco, where they do a "gas family pack" for a fiver. It's more than I need, it's wrapped in nasty plastic and I'm not at all sure it's organic – but you can't argue with a massive price difference.

That didn't really happen. Or, at least, it only happened in the mind of Chris Huhne, who (according to the Times) has complained that people "do not bother" shopping around for energy supplies. So we only have ourselves to blame if we're going skint on the costs.

People, Chris Huhne reportedly opined, "spend less time shopping around for a bill that's on average more than £1,000 a year than they would shop around for a £25 toaster".

But let me ask you, Mr Huhne, at the risk of sounding like Lewis Carroll: what is the difference between gas and a toaster?

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