Thursday, 23 May 2013

Top 5 Green Cars in 2013

After a slow start in the UK, car manufacturers are finally starting to seriously invest in the British electric car industry.

With major cities like London, Birmingham and Manchester now connected with a network of charging points and designated parking spaces, 2013 could be the year the electric car takes the UK by storm.

But it’s not all about electric cars – many petrol and hybrid cars have such low-emissions they are considered “green cars”.

So what are the best cars to choose from in 2013?

Nissan Leaf

Voted World Car of the Year in 2011, from 2013 the Nissan Leaf is the first electric car to be built in the UK. The Leaf is the UK’s best-selling electric car to date – with Nissan customers attracted to its cleek design which gives it the look of a conventional petrol-driven car.

The top-speed is 90 mph and the range is 100 miles, after an 8-hour charge from a standard home electric socket. With prices starting from £25,990, it may seem out of your reach, but if you apply for car finance with bad credit you could find good deals online.

Peugeot iOn

The main competitor to the Leaf, this compact hatchback is attractive for its free road tax, excellent security features and low-running costs thanks to its electric motor.

It’s the first four-seater and four-door all-electric car to become available in the UK, but is spacious enough to be the practical city runner its designers intended.

The top speed is 84 mph and the battery range is 93 miles; the car can be bought from £26,216.

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Top 5 Green Cars in 2013

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