Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Scottish #Tidal Power "Encouraging" After First Year

12 months have passed since launching the Pelamis P2 wave energy machine off the coast of Orkney in Scotland, and it’s owners have heralded it’s ‘encouraging’ results after a full year in use. One of the first of it’s kind, the Pelamis P2 is a wave energy converter owned by ScottishPower Renewables, who have posted up the statistics from the device today – making for some interesting reading.

Since last year, the P2 has:

  • Experienced around 90% of average annual sea state occurrences, swells, waves, seasonal variations etc.

  • Weathered waves up to nine meters in height

  • Racked up 7500 hours connected to the grid (an average of around 20 per day)

  • Exported over 160MWh to the grid

Part of the European Marine Energy Centre, the P2 has undergone a rigorous first year of testing, and has been monitored stringently for it’s energy output by the team in Orkney since being powered-on in May 2012.

via Scottish Tidal Power “Encouraging” After First Year | Catalyst Commercial Services – The Market Leading Business Energy Broker.

Scottish #Tidal Power "Encouraging" After First Year

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