Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Queen Elizabeth's speech rocks energy prices in the UK

In the Opening of Parliament, Queen Elizabeth introduced 20 new bills including a new energy bill which will raise annual household energy costs.

Despite this, the raised costs will help pay for cleaner energy sourced from nuclear power stations and wind farms.

Inspired to help energy companies produce clean power, the bill will help sustain the closure of old coal plants which are scheduled to finish production at towards the end of the decade.

Due to the addition, it is expected that by the year 2030, the average bill will have risen by around £114, supporting some of the other government subsidies from 2012.

These include around £42 to contribute to wind, solar and new technologies to be used by the national feed-in tariffs that help homeowners and businesses earn money through the excess energy that their technologies create.

In addition to this, carbon taxes will also be introduced with a maximum limit of £115.

Although some may wince at the thought of actually having to pay more for cleaner energy, the government has warned that the alternative – relying on foreign oil – would be a far more costly, and ultimately, more harmful to the environment.

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Queen Elizabeth's speech rocks energy prices in the UK

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