Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Naked Energy to begin UK trials of its ‘two-in-one’ solar system http://www.energy-broker.co.uk/naked-energy-to-begin-uk-trials-of-its-two-in-one-solar-system/

Naked Energy, the UK cleantech firm that has developed a super-efficient ‘two-in-one solar’ energy system, will shortly begin trialing its patented technology with two commercial partners.Guilford-based Naked Energy has developed a hybrid solar system that both heats water and generates electricity. Tests show it produces up to 46 per cent more energy than the typical solar panel on the market today.The company is now “in advanced negotiations” to raise £1.5 million to trial its patented ‘thermosyphon’ technology, Virtu, with a “large energy company and a major supermarket chain,” managing director Christophe Williams told GreenWise.The two pilot projects, details of which are still under wraps, will be conducted at sites in the UK. If successful, they could lead to two large-scale international deployments – one in Chile and another China, according to Williams. The company’s ambition is to begin a major global expansion drive by the end of the year.”We need to move fast to make the most of our first mover advantage,” said Nick Simmons, financial director.

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Naked Energy to begin UK trials of its ‘two-in-one’ solar system

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