Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The world-leading UK windfarm built with little British involvement


The Project briefing for Britain's world-leading offshore windfarm is given by a Dane, the crew on the transfer boat from Ramsgate harbour are Norwegian and the lunch served 20 miles off the coast on a converted ferry is served up by Latvian nationals.

They call it the London Array but there are few cockney accents to be heard. In fact it is tempting to think that the HP sauce on the buffet table is the sum total of UK "content", but even that is made in the Netherlands these days.

Birmingham-born Chris Randle, the 33-year-old project manager for the German turbine provider and a former Iraq and Afghanistan army engineering vet, is an early exception.

Standing in the glossy wood-panelled restaurant of the "Wind Ambition" floating accommodation unit, the Siemens executive says he is deeply conscious of the lack of homegrown services.


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