Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Environmental science agencies told to help oil firms drilling in polar regions


Some of Britain's top environmental science agencies are being told to use their skills to help "de-risk" investment for UK oil companies in the polar regions.

The demands are contained in a consultation document on an already controversial move to merge the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) with the National Oceanographic Centre.

The "outrageous" new strategy direction is at odds with a House of Commons committee calling on the government to stop drilling by Shell in the Arctic over safety concerns and worries that the sea ice is melting faster than ever, warn critics.

Some banks have already decided they will not support operations in the far north, but the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), which is pushing the tie-up between the BAS and the National Oceanographic Centre, says in its consultation brief: "A long-term vision is needed to equip UK business and UK investors with the edge needed for de-risking major investment decisions in hostile, unfamiliar environments."


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