Monday, 8 October 2012

Council set to pay £500,000 to consultants for study into green energy parks but MP casts doubt on plans - Environment - Peterborough Telegraph


The leader of Peterborough City Council has denied effectively signing a blank cheque to pave the way for three green energy parks on city farmland.

Councillor Marco Cereste has vowed that money will not be wasted even if the multi-million pound project to install scores of wind turbines and solar panels does not secure planning approval.

His comments come after council-appointed, London-based AECOM submitted three planning applications to the council to carry out environmental impact assessments on the proposed sites for the renewable energy parks.

And it has been revealed that the cost of feasibility studies to assess the impact and potential of the parks might not only be higher than the £500,000 originally estimated, but is not even known.

Cllr Cereste said: “There is very little risk. Even if the wind turbines do not get approval, I am confident the plans to install solar panels will go ahead and will generate enough cash to pay for any initial costs and produce profits for the local authority.”

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