Friday, 5 October 2012

Clean British energy in action -


Two weeks ago, energy secretary Ed Davey launched a consultation on how wind farms could be advantageous for people living nearby.

“Communities that host onshore wind farms could benefit from reduced electricity bills and investment in local infrastructure“, he said.

The consultation will hopefully encourage a fairer energy system; one where power generation is closer to the communities that use it, and where communities recognise the advantages of having renewable projects in their midst.

The consultation launch comes as the energy industry is on the brink of massive change. Electricity Market Reform, which is currently in planning, has the potential to revolutionise the UK system, so it’s vital that we get through to policy-makers.

Friends of the Earth (FOE) launched its campaign for Clean British Energy (CBE) earlier this year, calling on the prime minister to support home-grown energy from the natural resources that surround us. To date, an impressive 17,000 people have signed the petition to energy secretary Ed Davey and many have switched their supply to clean green electricity.

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