Thursday, 1 December 2011

National Grid launches new future energy scenarios publication

For the first time, the document ‘UK Future Energy Scenarios’ brings together gas and electricity data to provide a picture of how energy supply and demand may look under different conditions.

National Grid has published a new document presenting its energy supply and demand scenarios up to 2050.

The ‘Gone Green’, ‘Slow Progression’ and ‘Accelerated Growth’ scenarios (described below in ‘Notes to editors’) will be revised every year using feedback from the industry.

National Grid Future Transmission Networks Manager, Richard Smith said:

"This represents a new stage in our annual consultation process.

"The new publication shows how emissions targets could be met – or not met – under three different scenarios driven by the economy and the demand for heat, transport and electricity.

"Feedback from the industry will be very important to us, and the views gathered will be used to update the scenarios to be presented in future editions."

Previously, the information used in ‘UK Future Energy Scenarios’ was contained separately in the Ten Year Statement (TYS) for gas and the Offshore Development Information Statement (ODIS) for electricity.

The TYS and ODIS documents can now concentrate on the implications of the scenarios for the development of the gas and electricity networks. This new publication combines the TYS and ODIS information and provides a detailed description of scenarios and their underlying assumptions.

View the report click here ‘UK Future Energy Scenarios

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