Thursday, 1 December 2011

Asda Named As Lowest Carbon Supermarket

According to the first league table released for the government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme, Asda has been named as the lowest-carbon supermarket. The Walmart-owned retailer was ranked 37th in the inaugural Performance League Table, which uses a weighted score based on its reported carbon emissions from half-hourly metered sites.

However, because the table only gives credit for metering actions, the total carbon output for a company will not necessarily match its league position. Asda reported 794,000 tonnes of CO2e at a rate of 40.03 tonnes per million pounds turnover. The second-placed retailer in the league table was Morrisons, which ranked 56th with a reported 837,000 tonnes CO2e corresponding to 50.79 tonnes per £1 million of turnover.

In retail terms, the John Lewis Partnership gained third position, with a group ranking of 75th. Its 345,000 tonnes CO2e was achieved at 42.08 tonnes per £1 million turnover. Up-market retailer Marks & Spencer followed in 82nd place, with a reported 410,000 tonnes CO2e at 46.99 tonnes per £1 million turnover.
The battle of the big nationals was won by Tesco, which placed at 93rd position in the league. The Tesco group including One Stop and Dobbies Garden Centres reported total carbon emissions of 1.56 million tonnes CO2e, but it achieved the lowest emissions per £1 million worth of turnover at 35.06 tonnes.

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