Wednesday, 21 December 2011

EU energy production must be carbon free by 2050

To achieve the goal of cutting emissions by over 80% by 2050, Europe's energy production needs to be almost carbon-free, according to the European Commission.

Energy Commissioner G√ľnther Oettinger stated: "Only a new energy model will make our system secure, competitive and sustainable in the long-run. We now have a European framework for the necessary policy measures to be taken in order to secure the right investments."

The Energy Roadmap 2050 is based on illustrative scenarios, created by combining in different ways the four main de-carbonisation routes (energy efficiency, renewable energy, nuclear and CCS). None is likely to materialise but all scenarios clearly show a set of 'no regrets' options for the coming years, the Commission says.

The Energy Roadmap 2050 identifies a number of elements which have positive impacts in all circumstances, and thus define some key outcomes such as:

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