Monday, 5 December 2011

Doubts Remain Over KPMG Renewable Energy Report

A controversial report on the renewable energy industry allegedly leaked from KPMG has continued to spark hostility from renewable energy groups, which are now training their ire at news corporation BBC.

The report allegedly urged the UK government to revamp its current renewable energy policy, according to a report ostensibly leaked to the BBC. Now, KPMG has started working on the claimed “draft” report.

The official release by KPMG of the report was preceded by the draft version reported by The Sunday Times and the BBC’s Panorama, which accordingly suggested that Britain could be more cost-effective in meeting its 2020 carbon reduction targets by building nuclear and gas-fired power stations in lieu of wind farms.

Trade organizations including RenewableUK was quick to criticize the report, accusing KPMG of failing to consider the entire lifetime cost of a typical power plant. The report was also criticized for focusing only on the capital costs of new energy infrastructure.

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