Thursday, 4 November 2010

Reduce Energy Costs By 80% With Commercial Led Lighting

A new EU directive has banned the use and production of traditional style
filament light bulbs, businesses across the continent and in the UK are
looking for alternative lighting solutions. With the advancement in
commercial LED lighti
ng, the technology has been gaining in popularity thanks to an array of
benefits over incandescent and halogen light bulbs.

Nowadays LED lights are available in all forms of traditional lighting and
can be used for indoor or outdoor business lighting. LED lighting not only
reduces energy consumption considerably but they also have a much longer
life span than traditional light bulbs, which could bring a reduction in
annual maintenance cost of between 70% to 90%.

Energy consultants and energy management experts state that energy
efficiency is the biggest step businesses can take towards reducing their
CO2 consumption and carbon footprint. Investing in LED lighting should be
considered as a long term investment that will bring significant long term
savings for your business. There is even a scheme from the Carbon Trust that
allows you to obtain an interest free loan to invest in commercial LED
lighting, contact your energy consultancy firm and they will assist you in
obtaining this interest free loan.

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