Thursday, 11 November 2010

Ofgem's new Unit spent more than £5m on energy consultants

Last week Ofgem quietly announced on its website
the details of expenditures
on external energy consultants. In just six months the energy regulator
spent over £5m on new green taxes and incentives that ranged from
feed-in-tariffs to smart

Ofgems expenditure
Ofgem has an annual budget of £50m, if spending continues at the same rate
by the end of the year the amount spent with external consultants will
account for 20% of its total budget.

To administer environmental programmes and sustainability projects Ofgem
created a special unit called, Ofgem E-Serve. The "E" stands for
Environment, Energy and Efficiency. The new unit has used external
consultants on 63 different occasions between April and September this year
accounting for the total sum of £5m.

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