Thursday, 4 November 2010

10 Ways to Improve Your Company's Energy Management

When Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Steven Chu talks about energy
efficiency, he has been known to repeat this mantra: "Energy efficiency is
not just low-hanging fruit; it is fruit lying on the ground."

As Director of Energy for a large corporation like AT&T, I must admit that
my first reaction is slightly defensive: "Wait a minute, it's not that
easy." However, the essence of what Secretary Chu is saying is absolutely
true. Effective energy management helps reduce a company's environmental
impact and benefits the company's bottom line. Below, I have outlined 10
ways that a company can be effective in improving its energy management and

1. Establish benchmarks ... then measure, measure, measure. The old adage is
true: "You cannot manage what you do not measure." Measuring your
organization's energy use is the first step to reducing it. At AT&T, we
consolidated our company-wide energy use data into a centralized data
system. This consolidation allows us to better track and manage our energy
use, as well as hold people more accountable, by increasing visibility in
the way we use energy.

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