Monday, 23 August 2010

Urine Could Be Used To Create Green Electricity

Scientist have known for years the value of hydrogen as a fuel source. Used in fuel cells or engines, the exhaust is water, but here are a few problems with hydrogen fuel technology. Hydrogen is hard to produce, hard to store and hard to transport. Methods for producing hydrogen fuel use commercial electricity for hydrolysis. The methods end up wasting energy; with 20% being lost in conversion. Just as harvesting solar energy with solar panels and wind power with wind turbinds, researchers need time for creating the technology to bring hydrogen and other elements to be used as a viable renewable energy sources to the table.

Biomass Using Bacteria in Waste Water to Create Electricity

A company called Nanologic found a way to create hydrogen gas out of waste water using a “Hydrogen Bioreactor.” Biomass is using bacteria that are found in waste which eat the hydrocarbons also in waste and exhale hydrogen gas.The process cleans water and creates green energy. The process also solves the storage/transportation problem in that the alternative energy source can be converted to mechanical or electrical power and used on site. If more extra electricity is produced it can be transported back into the existing power grid.

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