Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Power Consumption The Hidden Costs of Copiers and Printers

Did you know that office equipment is one of the fastest growing electricity uses in commercial buildings in North America? Office equipment consumes approximately 7% of commercial electricity or $1.8 billion in costs to businesses.

Although many organizations and energy brokers are adopting greener business practices, energy consumption due to office equipment and related energy systems, including air conditioning to displace the heat generated from such equipment, is expected to rise. Reducing the amount of this electricity has important environmental and economic benefits. By choosing energy-efficient equipment, purchasers can save a substantial amount on electricity costs, as much as 95% for products such as monitors and printers.

For organizations seeking to purchase printing equipment, understanding power consumption and the role it plays in the environment is critical to maintaining a green workplace—and can have a positive impact on the bottom line. Although many printer manufacturers’ are listening to buyers and beginning to launch products that use less energy, buyers need to understand how energy consumption works to be able to purchase a model that is best suited for their organizational needs and printing output volume.

This white paper will explain how to accurately read printer and copier specification labels so that potential users can calculate the energy consumption the organization will use. It will also provide tips on saving energy and other ways of going green in your business environment.

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