Thursday, 19 August 2010

Environment Agency approves the Carbon Saver Standard.

The Environment Agency has approved the Carbon Saver Standard as a Carbon Trust equivalent scheme. This means it counts towards the CRC Early Action Metric, which rewards organisations who voluntarily take steps to better manage their business energy and business gas use before joining CRC.

The decision to approve the Carbon Saver Standard follows extensive consultation with businesses, the public sector and wide range of environmental groups. Alongside CEMARS and Kitemark, the Carbon Saver Standard gives CRC participants an alternative route for gaining credit for earlier efforts to cut carbon.

The Environment Agency’s CRC Project Executive Andrew Hitchings said: “We are pleased to announce the Carbon Saver Standard as a Carbon Trust Standard equivalent scheme under the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme. The Carbon Trust standard and equivalent schemes allow organisations who are leading the way in environmental management to be rewarded for their early action.

“CRC is an opportunity for organisations to show what they have already achieved in reducing emissions through early action and provides an incentive to achieve the further reductions which are necessary in the future.”

Glenn Wilkinson, Managing Director of Carbon Saver said: "We are delighted to be approved as the fourth standard which qualifies as an early action metric for the CRC. There is now a real choice for organisations in the market for approved carbon accreditation schemes.”

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