Monday, 28 April 2014

Top 10 eco homes: your favourite is...

Over the last two weeks we’ve had the great pleasure of running profiles of 10 eco homes around the country.

Some have displayed high-end style and elegance, notable for their technological wizardry and innovative energy solutions. Some have sprung from community inspiration, or have provided bold new templates for home ownership. Others have been light-on-the-earth dwellings that use recyclable materials, and take a lo-fi approach to home life. But the common theme for one and all has been that we want to live in them. All of them.

We chose our list of 10 with the help of a fantastic panel of experts who helped us come up with a list that reflected so many different facets of the move to sustainability. Thanks, once again, to the Green Building Council, Hattie Hartman, sustainability editor at the Architect’s Journal, HAB housing, The Green Press, Green Sky Thinking, Superhomes, the Centre for Alternative Technology, BREEAM, and The Built Environment Centre for Northern Ireland.

Voting opened on Tuesday last week, and you voted in your thousands. We had a wonderful week fielding tweets and emails and your general enthusiasm and in an amazingly even spread of votes – no house got less than 5 per cent.

But enough chatter! Incredibly, despite thousands of votes, there were two tied runners-up for your favourite eco home. One was Lammas in north Pembrokeshire – the eco-village that is a shining example of low-impact dwelling, completely self-sufficient and deeply connected to the land in which it is situated.

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Top 10 eco homes: your favourite is...

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