Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Commercial OLED Lighting

energybillInnovation is the byword in the lighting industry over the last decade or so. Hardly any time has passed since every build seemed to use a filament, before making way to eco-friendly options and more-recently, LEDs. Most recently, the discussion has shifted to OLEDs. Now, fans of the smartphone and high-end television market know that in those markets, OLED screens are a definite upgrade from a ‘standard’ LED system. But can the same be said of their use in commercial lighting?The conversation has been generated by Korean electronics giant LG. LG took to a recent trade show to demonstrate it’s new OLED lamps; the first time OLEDs will have been used solely for lighting and are taking something of a gamble on them being a success.

via Commercial OLED Lighting.

Commercial OLED Lighting

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