Monday, 4 November 2013

Video - 'Anger' over carbon capture and storage delays

Scientists involved in carbon capture and storage (CCS) are said to be “angry and depressed” at the UK government’s slow progress on the issue.

A UK-wide £1bn competition to design and build commercial CCS systems has been beset with problems and delays.

A leading Scottish expert in the field, Prof Stuart Haszeldine, has claimed urgent progress is needed as part of the fight against global warming.

The UK government said it remains committed to CCS.

It is understood a decision on the next stage of the competition is likely to be made at the turn of the year.

Coal and gas-fired power stations provide much of the world’s electricity, but they also produce huge amounts of greenhouse gas such as CO2, which contribute towards global warming.

via BBC News – ‘Anger’ over carbon capture and storage delays.

Video - 'Anger' over carbon capture and storage delays

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