Monday, 18 November 2013

UK energy prices 'below Europe average'

Members of the public may rightly be worried about the price of energy in the UK and concerned about how they will pay bills this winter, but a new report has shown costs are actually lower than the average in Europe.

According to the latest data to be released by Europe’s Energy Portal, which is the European Union (EU) body that monitors prices across the region, the UK’s price per kilowatt of energy is below the continent’s average cost.

However, the report does not tell the full story as energy efficiency in the UK is poorer than in many European countries, so properties do not retain heat well at all.

Michael Zwanenburg, a senior energy consultant at the EU, stated that energy rates for UK households are somewhat below the average amount paid per kWh in other EU countries.

“Basically the weather impacts the rate of consumption. A cold winter would significantly increase the household’s energy bill,” he was quoted as saying by ITV News.

Danish people were found by the report to pay the most for their natural gas in Europe, with fuel costing residents in the nation €0.108 (£0.09) per kWh, compared to €0.061 in Germany, €0.079 in Italy and €0.044 in the UK.

However, for electricity, Denmark pays €0.295 per kilowatt of electricity, while this figure is €0.170 in the UK, €0.265 for Germany, €0.231 for Italy and €0.189 in Spain.

via UK energy prices ‘below Europe average’, Heating Oil News.

UK energy prices 'below Europe average'

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