Thursday, 10 January 2013

Icelandic volcanoes could help to power UK via subsea Scottish cable


ICELAND has offered to become a “green battery” for the UK by building the world’s longest subsea power cable, which could bring geothermal energy ashore in Scotland.

Icelandic state electricity producer, Landsvirkjun, said yesterday that it was considering constructing a 1,000km link by around 2020 to supply electricity generated by its vast volcanic energy resources direct to Britain.

An earlier proposal to connect Iceland’s electricity grid with the UK would have come ashore north of the Border, but Landsvirkjun said yesteday no decision on the final route had been taken.

Hordur Arnarson, chief executive of Landsvirkjun, said: “We can serve as a green battery for the UK. We believe it’s a win-win situation, because we have a flexible source of renewable power, which could be used to balance supply and demand in Britain. It will be the longest subsea cable in the world.”

UK Government officials said the project was aimed at improving energy security for the entire UK, while environmental groups welcomed the prospect of the energy line.

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