Monday, 3 December 2012

UK Faces Possible #Electricity Blackouts By 2015


Ofgem, the UK’s industry regulator, expressed a warning that people could experience blackouts by 2015. At this time, there’s no chance for it. But, by 2015, it’s a one in 12 chance. The reason for the increase in possible blackouts is the decrease in operational power stations and the country’s spare generation capacity, which is presently at only 14 percent.

As additional power stations are taken offline for good, due to their production of copious amounts of pollution, the capacity will drop to just four percent. It’s believed industrial customers will be the first

ones to succumb to the blackouts. According to the Institute of Directors Senior Economic Advisor Corin Taylor, the possibility is discerning and it’s important to the economy that factories have power to continue their business as normal.

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