Monday, 17 December 2012

Could Shale Gas To Deal With Country’s Energy Crisis


If Chancellor George Osborne and fellow conservatives have their way, shale gas could see an increase in use with a substantial tax regime. The chancellor and fellow conservatives don’t like what they’ve seen in the renewable energy sector, which are lots of greens and subsidy junkies. He recently told the public that an initiative approach involves financing in renewable energy, which Osborne stated should be done with opening up the recently found shale gas under the land.Osborne said the lavish new tax regime for shale gas is so Britain doesn’t get left behind when gas prices begin to drop across the Atlantic. He said the UK shale gas industry could use all the help it possibility can – as only a few wells have been drilled. The industry needs hundreds, if not, thousands of wells that would help in knowing how much gas could be let go from fracking.

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