Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tough questions for Cameron as his 'greenest government' vow crumbles


The Prime minister promised to lead the "greenest government ever" when he won the 2010 election. Since then he has been silent on the climate and energy agenda, allowing other voices in his government to dominate. Today he will face tough questions from MPs on the Liaison Committee about the slide away from his green promise.

The tragic irony is that action on climate change and renewable energy is one of the few bright areas for economic growth in the UK, but the negative political signals coming out of government are seriously damaging investment confidence. Cameron urgently needs to get a grip on his government and live up to the promises of leadership on climate change that he made so clearly .

With the energy bill and gas strategy now out, the tensions in the UK's energy and climate policy debate – and within the coalition government – are now plain for all to see. It is increasingly clear that the chancellor is gearing up to dilute the UK's emission reduction ambitions under the Climate Change Act.


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