Monday, 18 June 2012

Is Football the Next Wave of Renewable Energy? | Energy Live News


Five Harvard students have created a concept football that is able to produce and store electricity whilst it is being played with.

Dubbed the ‘Soccket’, this revolutionary ball is capable of producing enough energy to power a light for around three hours, from being kicked around for just thirty minutes.

Using an induction coil fitted into the centre of it’s construction, the Soccket contains a magnet, which rapidly oscillates when the ball is in motion. This oscillation powers a motor, and the electricity is stored in an on-board battery.

An AC Adaptor is fitted behind one the panels of the Soccket, allowing a multitude of appliances to be powered in such a manner, though the designers – Jessica Lin, Julia Silverman, Jessica Matthews, Hemali Thakkaras and Aviva Presser – envision it’s best use is to charge mobile phones and power lights.

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