Wednesday, 27 June 2012

CBI calls for carbon tax to be scrapped


he Confederation of British Industry is calling on the government to scrap its Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) and remove the number of environmental taxes, that is restricting business growth.

The business group carried out a survey of its members and found that the majority believe environmental taxes can help stimulate business, with the Landfill Tax and Vehicle Excise Duty both well regarded, but that there were now too many.

With just four such taxes in 1989, to 12 existing today, raising a combined £43.4bn in tax revenue in 2010/11.

The CRC was a tax particularly disliked, with businesses considering it over-complicated and considered as “a cost of doing business in the UK”. Rhian Kelly, CBI director for business environment policy, said: ‘The current uncoordinated approach to environmental taxes is not working for business. An independent review of environmental taxes has become an urgent priority. With a more joined-up approach, environmental taxes could provide certainty for businesses, unlock investment, and reduce the impact on the environment without damaging UK competitiveness.’

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