Wednesday, 24 August 2011

NightWatchman ensures carbon reduction at Aviva

Insurer Aviva is looking at substantial environmental and financial benefits after installing PC power management software from 1E.

Aviva has around 53 million customers across the world and is the planet's fifth largest insurer, and the largest in the UK. Joanne Goddard, group senior corporate responsibility manager at the firm told CBR that Aviva has always taken its corporate responsibility seriously.

"We believe that we need to play our part in protecting the environment in which we operate," she said. "All of our corporate responsibility commitments focus on doing the right thing for society and the business. Reducing our carbon emissions delivers cost savings, however we genuinely believe that our desire to reduce our carbon emissions stems from the principle of limiting our own environmental impact for the societal good."

The company has been steadily reducing its CO2 emissions over the last few years and recently turned its attentions to its IT department, which it estimated was contributing 40% of all emissions.

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