Thursday, 25 August 2011

Energy customers 'blind to bill costs'

UK energy customers could be leaving themselves in need of credit advice, as research shows a lack of awareness concerning gas and electricity costs.

Almost 40 per cent of Britons do not know how much they are paying each year, while 24 per cent have only a rough idea, according to

The survey found that the price difference between energy tariffs can be up to £411, meaning that neglecting to check prices could be causing financial problems for many households.

For most families, gas and electricity costs are the second highest monthly outgoing following mortgage or rent payments, prompting Scott Byrom, utilities manager at the price comparison site, to suggest that users should shop around for the best deals.

"If you pay more than £37 for your electricity and more than £51 for your gas per month, then you are potentially paying too much and should be looking to switch to a better tariff," he claimed.

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