Thursday, 20 November 2014

Nano-Batteries: Renewable Energy’s ‘Nick-of-Time’ Solution

A new wave of ‘nano batteries’ could be leading a cavalry charge to help increase viability for green commercial energy sources, as researchers in the US say they have “ultimate miniaturization of energy storage”.

The team, based at the University of Maryland, have already created a working model of a ‘simple’ nano-battery concept designed to offer up a storage solution for energy created by solar panels, wind turbines and more.

How does it work? The team explained that the concept to science journal Nature as a ‘nanopore’ battery; stamped on to a ceramic cerface, identical holes (the nanopores) use transition metal ruthenium and vanadium oxide to turn each tiny dip in the surface into a a super-miniature battery, with the added elements acting as electrolyte, anode and cathode.

via Nano-Batteries: Renewable Energy’s ‘Nick-of-Time’ Solution.

Nano-Batteries: Renewable Energy’s ‘Nick-of-Time’ Solution

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