Friday, 6 December 2013

Is solar power best kept small?

Community energy projects are the right way to keep the lights on, the head of a solar co-operative in Wedmore, Somerset, has told the BBC.

His thoughts are echoed by the man behind the Glastonbury festival, Michael Eavis.

People are concerned about the dominance of the “Big Six” energy companies, they say.

Rob Richley of the Wedmore Community Power Co-operative was speaking following the government’s announcement of cuts in subsidies to solar and onshore wind energy.

£800,000 was needed to build the community “solar paddocks”. The funds have been raised by selling shares. More than half of the investors are locals.

The array is placed beneath an overhead transmission line. Power is fed straight into the grid and used by the villagers.

It is small-scale: Spread over six acres, 4,000 solar panels produce one mega watt. That compares to many commercial sites that can produce tens of mega watts.

via BBC News – Is solar power best kept small?.

Is solar power best kept small?

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