Friday, 19 July 2013

World #Wind Power to Pass 300 Gigawatt Mark

The amount of wind power produced across the world will pass a 300 gigawatt landmark by the end of the year according to industry figures.

Key installations in Brazil, China, South Africa and Mexico will push the global wind power capability to beyond 300 gigawatts; the equivalent of 114 nuclear power plants.

As global financial trouble continues to rumble on and investment stalls, the growth over the last 12 months will be a modest one at just over 20 gigawatts, but the figures compiled by EWEA and the Global Wind Energy Council show it will be enough to reach a landmark threshold.

Whilst there has been much research over the last year into improving wind power (including a study that says wind alone is enough to meet the energy needs of the planet), the market has proven tricky to invest in for commercial energy companies in the UK, Europe and the US.

via World Wind Power to Pass 300 Gigawatt Mark | Energy Live News.

World #Wind Power to Pass 300 Gigawatt Mark

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