Monday, 29 July 2013

Mothballed plants will keep the lights on

Re-commissioned mothballed power plants will help keep the lights on, according to the energy minister.

Michael Fallon told the BBC’s Sunday Politics there would not be blackouts or energy rationing UK because mothballed plants will help meet the capacity demand, with margins expected to tighten by the middle of the decade.

He said: “They’re [National Grid] looking – and they should be looking – at some recently mothballed plant to make sure the operators of that plant are ready, if the plant is needed, to bring it onto the system.”

System operator, National Grid, has proposed that energy intensive industries reduce their power demand between 4pm and 8pm during the winter at times of peak demand, to ensure there are not blackouts.

via Mothballed plants will keep the lights on.

Mothballed plants will keep the lights on

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